2018 Section 4 Rate Case Filing
Docket No. RP18-922

Trailblazer 2018 Rate Case Transmittal Letter
TPC Marked Tariff
TPC Clean Tariff
Ex. No. 0001 Statement A
Ex. No. 0002 Statement B
Ex. No. 0003 Schedule B-1
Ex. No. 0004 Schedule B-2
Ex. No. 0005 Statement C
Ex. No. 0006 Schedule C-1
Ex. No. 0007 Schedule C-2
Ex. No. 0008 Schedule C-3
Ex. No. 0009 Statement D
Ex. No. 0010 Schedule D-1
Ex. No. 0011 Statement E
Ex. No. 0012 Schedule E-1
Ex. No. 0013 Schedule E-2
Ex. No. 0014 Schedule E-3
Ex. No. 0015 Statement F-1
Ex. No. 0016 Statement F-2
Ex. No. 0017 Statement F-3
Ex. No. 0018 Statement F-4
Ex. No. 0019 Statement G
Ex. No. 0020 Schedule G-1
Ex. No. 0021 Schedule G-2
Ex. No. 0022 Schedule G-3
Ex. No. 0023 Schedule G-4
Ex. No. 0024 Schedule G-5
Ex. No. 0025 Schedule G-6
Ex. No. 0026 Statement H-1
Ex. No. 0027 Schedule H-1(1)
Ex. No. 0028 Schedule H-1(1)(a)
Ex. No. 0029 Schedule H-1(1)(b)
Ex. No. 0030 Schedule H-1(1)(c)
Ex. No. 0031 Schedule H-1(2)
Ex. No. 0032 Schedule H-1(2) - Workpaper 1
Ex. No. 0033 Schedule H-1(2) - Workpaper 2
Ex. No. 0034 Schedule H-1(2) - Workpaper 3
Ex. No. 0035 Schedule H-1(2) - Workpaper 4
Ex. No. 0036 Schedule H-1(2)(a)
Ex. No. 0037 Schedule H-1(2)(b)
Ex. No. 0038 Schedule H-1(2)(c)
Ex. No. 0039 Schedule H-1(2)(d)
Ex. No. 0040 Schedule H-1(2)(e)
Ex. No. 0041 Schedule H-1(2)(f)
Ex. No. 0042 Schedule H-1(2)(g)
Ex. No. 0043 Schedule H-1(2)(h)
Ex. No. 0044 Schedule H-1(2)(i)
Ex. No. 0045 Schedule H-1(2)(j)
Ex. No. 0046 Schedule H-1(2)(k)
Ex. No. 0047 Statement H-2
Ex. No. 0048 Statement H-2(1)
Ex. No. 0049 Statement H-3
Ex. No. 0050 Schedule H-3(1)
Ex. No. 0051 Schedule H-3(2)
Ex. No. 0052 Statement H-4
Ex. No. 0053 Schedule H-4
Ex. No. 0054 Schedule I-1
Ex. No. 0055 Schedule I-1(a)
Ex. No. 0056 Schedule I-1(b)
Ex. No. 0057 Schedule I-1(b)(1)
Ex. No. 0058 Schedule I-1(b)(2)
Ex. No. 0059 Schedule I-1(b)(3)
Ex. No. 0060 Schedule I-1(c)
Ex. No. 0061 Schedule I-1(d)
Ex. No. 0062 Schedule I-2
Ex. No. 0063 Schedule I-3
Ex. No. 0064 Schedule I-4
Ex. No. 0065 Schedule I-5
Ex. No. 0066 Statement J
Ex. No. 0067 Schedule J-1
Ex. No. 0068 Schedule J-2
Ex. No. 0069 Schedule J-3
Ex. No. 0070 Statement L
Ex. No. 0071 Statement M
Ex. No. 0072 Statement O
Ex. No. 0073 Prepared Direct Testimony of David J. Haag
Ex. No. 0074 Map of the Trailblazer Pipeline
Ex. No. 0075 Tallgrass Income Tax Election
Ex. No. 0076 Proposed Tariff Changes
Ex. No. 0077 Prepared Direct Testimony of Michael G. Smith
Ex. No. 0078 Proposed Changes to Tariff Rate Sheets
Ex. No. 0079 Prepared Direct Testimony of Michael J. Rinehart
Ex. No. 0080 Prepared Direct Testimony of Gary Sanchez
Ex. No. 0081 Relationship Between Trailblazer Allocated Volumes and Basis Differentials
Ex. No. 0082 Prepared Direct Testimony of James R. French
Ex. No. 0083 Proposed CRM Tariff Section
Ex. No. 0084 CRM Calculations and Projected Eligible Costs
Ex. No. 0085 Prepared Direct Testimony of Paul R. Moul
Ex. No. 0086 Moul Workpapers
Ex. No. 0087 Prepared Direct Testimony of Barry E. Sullivan
Ex. No. 0088 Sullivan Qualifications
Ex. No. 0089 Proxy Group Segment Analysis
Ex. No. 0090 Proxy Group Comparative
Ex. No. 0091 Prepared Direct Testimony of Mr. Alan R. Lovinger
Ex. No. 0092 Trailblazer weighted composite income tax rate
Ex. No. 0093 Prepared Direct Testimony of Patrick R. Crowley
Ex. No. 0094 Curriculum Vitae of Patrick R. Crowley
Ex. No. 0095 Depreciation Workpapers
Ex. No. 0096 Transmission Survivor Curve Analysis
Ex. No. 0097 Prepared Direct Testimony of Steven R. Fall
Ex. No. 0098 TPC TNS Cost Estimate Summary
Ex. No. 0099 TPC TNS Cost Estimate Packet
Ex. No. 0100 TPC TNS Material Takeoff Packet
Ex. No. 0101 TPC Operating and Maintenance Plan
Ex. No. 0102 Standard Union Labor Rates
Ex. No. 0103 Prepared Direct Testimony of Alexander J. Kirk
Ex. No. 0104 Curriculum Vitae of Alexander J. Kirk
Ex. No. 0105 Non-Speculative Resources Tabulation
Ex. No. 0106 Production Projections by the EIA
Courtesy Copy of TPC Ex Nos 1-71
Schedule B1
Schedule B2
Schedule C3
Schedule E2
Schedule G1
Schedule G4
Schedule G5
Schedule G6
Schedule H 2-(1)
Schedule H1-(2) (a)
Schedule H1-(2) (b)
Schedule H1-(2) (c)
Schedule H1-(2) (d)
Schedule H1-(2) (e)
Schedule H1-(2) (f)
Schedule H1-(2) (g)
Schedule H1-(2) (h)
Schedule H1-(2) (i)
Schedule H1-(2) (j)
Schedule H1-(2) (k)
Schedule H1-1(a)
Schedule H1-1(b)
Schedule H1-1(c)
Schedule I-4
Statement C
Statement D
Statement H4
Transmittal Limited Supplemental Direct Testimony 5-21-19
Exhibit A TPC-0107
Exhibit B TPC-0108
Exhibit C TPC-0109
Exhibit D TPC-0110
Exhibit E TPC-0111
Exhibit No. TPC-0112
Exhibit No. TPC-0113
Exhibit No. TPC-0114
Exhibit No. TPC-0115
Exhibit No. TPC-0116
Exhibit No. TPC-0117
Exhibit No. TPC-0118
Reply Brief RP18-922-000